Collection Overview


Kaohsiung Museum of History (KMH) is expected to be the historical repository of Kaohsiung area by establishing the collection based on “Kaohsiung City development”. To preserve the local background knowledge and emphasize the characteristics of the area meanwhile share it with the public, KMH systematically analyzes, collects and maintains the history track and multiculturalism of Kaohsiung, shows the essential meaning of people living in Kaohsiung and represents the cultural relics and historical data of contemporary social events or issues as the basis of research, exhibitions and education promotion.

The themes of KMH collections are various and rich content. To date, KMH has digitized and researched over 30,000 collections (e.g. historical literatures, photographic images, lacquer, fabric, metalworking and shadow puppets) for the public usage since the opening on Oct. 25th, 1998.

KMH was reorganized as Independent Administrative Institution in 2017. We reformulated the collection policies and the related executive regulations including deliberative consultation, collections acquirement, registration, usage, lending and borrowing, inventory, conservation and maintenance, cancellation, the usage of photographic images, collections warehouse management etc. We established the collection management system, replenish the collections systematically and specify the future development direction to ensure the safety of sustainable usage.

Loan from KMH for exhibitions is limited to non-profit purpose, please refer to “Policy on collection loans for exhibition” for more details. The authorization and usage of photographic images will be charged based on profit/non-profit, please refer to “The fee-charging standards for usage of photographic images” for more details.